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In person shopping is quickly becoming a lost art. When choosing supplements, nothing can be more confusing than online marketing strategies, and tempting click bait techniques of experienced influencers and companies. There is something special about feeling like you've been taken care of properly, and that you aren't intimidated when you shop. Active Body truly is for everybody, and our staff is here to welcome and educate you to help make the right choice for your family's needs, not to deceive and up sell. Born and raised in PG, and deep rooted in the community... meet the faces of our unique local store!

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The brains and muscle of the operation. Between stock orders, receiving, keeping up with our competitive pricing and new products, our store has very labor intensive behind the scenes needs.


With hourly back office work, Mark does an incredible job of keeping everything you need up to date, and under our roof! With over 20+ years of managerial experience and Mark's watchful eye, ABN PG is not just stacked to the roof and organized... but ALWAYS super clean

(you will most likely catch him vacuuming and mopping multiple times a day) reflecting our exceptional pride of ownership as well!

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The face of the operation. We all have our role at ABN PG, and Cara's may be a little more recognizable as the social media mogul who keeps us connected with, and throughout our community.


From running hydration stations (when pandemics allow of course!) with our select athletes, giving time to community events, hosting educational Facebook LIVE episodes on our page, running nutrition seminars...or hitting our social media platforms on the daily, Cara is the mother of the ABN health and fitness community in PG. 



Trained in our ABN "old school customer service" ways (friendly, helpful and knowledgeable) Jynessa is just the gal to help get you to your goals.


An avid fitness enthusiast, certified sports nutrition/trainer... as well as Believe Supplements sponsored athlete, Jynessa is a valued member of our team who is also busy getting her business degree.


Having "Just J" on duty is something our store is thankful, and proud to offer our customers who deserve the best service from the moment they set foot through our door.

Make sure to follow her



AND Instagram for all the fun!



If service and knowledge is what we are known for in the community, then look no further than our own amazing Natalie. As a 5th year biology student and ABN educator, having Natalie guide you through an informative ABN shopping experience never disappoints. 

Specializing in gaining weight and strength herself, you will always find Natalie enjoying the outdoors with her sidekick Clover, or smashing out a workout on the deadlift platform most mornings at the gym.

We are so proud to offer you the level of service and knowledge you expect, from this ABN educator and future teacher at the best bar in town!

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