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PRODUCTS AND SERVICES                                                       

From our incredibly large selection of health, sports and fitness supplements to our beautiful 16 foot shake bar, we have everything you need under one roof!


Discover new BC favorites, or your tried and true brands... tell us your needs and we will take your goals to the next level with the largest selection in the central interior. Make sure to check out the latest in our Active Body Lifestyle apparel too!


We walk the walk... and we talk the talk. The familiar faces in house at ABN PG have something more to offer beyond the bar...including online personal coaching and nutrition seminars to fit your needs. We also have a large network of health and fitness professionals we gladly refer you to! 


Our shakes are simple. A full serving of the highest quality isolate or plant based protein tummy aches from lactose and gluten here! 

Each shake is designed with whole foods, and are diabetic and lactose sensitive friendly. ABN shakes are delicious, and pack a nutritional punch that will keep you coming back for more!

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